Where sports and philanthropy collide


It’s felt through the crunch of shoulder pads of 350-pound linemen protecting the Jaguars quarterback. It’s the moment a driver meets the golf ball at THE PLAYERS Championship and it’s the sound of a tennis ball leaving strings at over 100 mph at the ATP Tour Championship. It’s also found in the power of a soccer ball booted into the net on the pitch of a Jacksonville Armada FC match.

High-level sports mean impact on many levels, though none are more symbolic than the one felt by the collective influence of sports and philanthropy in any city, more importantly, in our city.

Sports fuel a spirit of collective energy as teams represent togetherness, and this family environment often spills out of locker rooms and into a fan base. When people connect to sports teams, they take on a sense of pride, a belonging to something larger than the individual. The influence a franchise can carry is powerful.