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Charity makes all things possible. It triumphs, even amidst the negative discourse of the day.

Politics divide us. Hurtful judgements stifle progress. And a lack of compassion can deflate us all, but not if we don’t let it. This fifth edition of Circles – Social Datebook & Charity Register is intended to be a refreshing change agent for conversations in our region, one that has potential to derail judgements, leave bias behind, and align the giving spirit of all members of our community – from young and old – established and newcomers alike.

A charity magazine should inspire and engage, push new boundaries, and showcase the very best in a community by way of its content and coverage. Behind the passionate work of our staff and contributors is a mission – to deliver information and great stories that compel people to learn, grow and act on their discoveries.

This year’s magazine has the power to ignite more great ideas on the First Coast yet reach far beyond our region when shared by thousands of passionate readers. Great ideas find ways to travel. This publication offers us all examples of life’s best teachings, straight from those that live their passion and encourage others to do so such as is displayed in Mary Wanser’s story, “Many Passions, One Purpose,” on page 46.

Scientific research also shows that giving is the key to happiness. Giving your time, your skills and discovering your passion will lead to feeling good in mind, body and spirit. According to a book by artist and philanthropy adviser Jenny Santi, The Giving Way to Happiness: Stories and Science Behind the Life Changing Power of Giving, the author offers tips on how to give, so it feels fulfilling and purposeful.

With Circles in hand, you hold an invaluable resource that has the power to deliver whether it be a single person struggling or thousands in need, all of whom are impacted when a donor learns of an opportunity to inject capital into a program or when political leaders change the way we govern. Philanthropy beckons us to love humanity, and this magazine delivers countless opportunities to do so right in your own backyard. Kandace Lankford’s story, “From Lockup to Leading Productive Lives,” on page 102, helps illustrate the conscious and thoughtful leadership of legislators that team up with nonprofits to offer alternatives to shackles and chains for inmates.

Against all odds, people yearn for some sense of belonging and the feeling that their contribution or donation has meaning. Whether that’s helping animals in need, finding a child a forever home, helping someone learn to read, or going the extra mile to assist an elderly neighbor, we hope to connect readers to a cause, learn of a new philosophy or engage where their passions lead. Changing one life does matter, just ask someone that’s had a second lease on life because of the grace of a stranger.

Giving feels good, change the world, but start right here.

Pamela & Seth Williams

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