Saying ‘yes’ as a way to help change the world

Sandra Hicks

Sandra Hicks

Active as a volunteer with UCOM since 1997 through her church, Philip R. Cousin AME, Sandra Hicks said that volunteering was something she has always wanted to do.

“I thought I could change the world. I went to school and majored in sociology. It was my pastor who asked me to be our church’s liaison with UCOM,” she said.

Hicks and her husband, Charles, had moved to Jacksonville in 1990 when Charles was transferred to the First Coast by CSX. As a stay-at-home mom, Sandra raised her children and served as a volunteer in the UCOM food pantry. She is now a member of UCOM’s Board of Directors and continues to volunteer as does her husband, who has now retired.

“When I was asked to help, I said ‘Yes,’” she explained. “I fell in love with the people that I volunteer with and with the people we serve. I don’t know if I am the best person to show this kind of love. There is always someone better, isn’t there? But if I don’t try, shame on me!”